Product Name: Multi-functional RF Beauty Device

Model Number: FF7380
Brand Name: Customized
Product Material: ABS 
Input: DC9V, 2A
Radio Frequency: 1MHz
Unit Size: 18.8x4.2x5.7cm
Unit Weight: 167g
Certification: CE, RoHS
Warranty:1 year 
Master Carton size: 50x37x48.5cm, 20pcs/carton
Carton N.W./G.W.: 14/15kgs 
Product Description

1. Clean Mode: RF,Vibration, Ion+, efficiently removing dirt from pores.

2. Moisture Mode: RF,Vibration, Ion-, deeply nourishing skin.

3. EMS UP Mode: RF+EMS, stimulating the facial muscles and enhance elasticity.

4. RF LED Mode: RF and red lights promotes blood circulation and removes wrinkles.

5. Cool Mode: cool and blue lights, shrinking pores, tightening skin and moisturizing.

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