The 2nd Pan Asia International Medical Beauty Conference ended successfully

On the evening of August 7, the 2016 China Association of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Aesthetics Annual Conference and the 2nd Pan Asia International Medical Beauty Conference were successfully concluded in Chengdu.


Earlier in the day, the five major themes of laser and minimally invasive, injection micro-plastic, auto-fat transplantation and breast plastic surgery, eye plastic surgery/Chinese medicine beauty/facial plastic surgery, private plastic surgery continued to be heated, and the opinions of top experts at home and abroad were in the venue. Surging. The first scar plastic surgery summit forum set off another round of academic enthusiasm, and more than 20 scar plastic surgeons delivered academic speeches to refresh the new heights in the field. In addition, the Medical Beauty Consultation Theme Forum/National Medical Beauty Consultant Open Class, Entrepreneurship and Capital Summit Forum has ushered in a number of industry elites to express new ideas, think about how to break through in the development dilemma, and contribute new ideas and new possibilities for the future of the industry. The reporter saw that although the meeting had entered the agenda of the last day, the enthusiasm of the guests of all parties was not reduced. There was often a difficult scene in the major summits.


As an important part of the second Pan-Asian International Medical Beauty Conference Injection Micro-Shaping Summit, on the same day, the European Injection College officially awarded the Xiqiao Plastic Surgery Hospital, and Xiqiao became the first “Technical Training Institution of the European Injection Institute in China”. . In the special session of the licensing ceremony, Dr. Frank Rosengaus Leizgold, the top injection master from IMCAS, brought the European Master Class “Liquid Lifting Injection” to the participating experts. This is the first time that the European Master Class has come to Chengdu.


In addition, the wonderful speeches from experts from Xiqiao during the conference received the attention of the participants. Shao Wenhui, Executive Vice President of the Conference, Deputy Director of the Medical Beauty Professional Committee and Dean of Xiqiao Plastic and Aesthetic Hospital, delivered a speech entitled “Design and Strategy of Breast Sagging Surgery” at the Breast Cancer Theme Summit of the Autologous Fat Transplant Hospital, combined with surgical examples. In-depth explanations for the on-site experts to share the experience of breast sagging surgery accumulated over the years. The special expert of Xiqiao Global Experts Group and the Korean Dean of the Xiqiao Plastic Surgery Hospital, Kong Zhengzhi, published the “Minimal Invasive Law on the Eyelids” at the Eye Surgery Summit. The operation difficulty and technical points were explained in combination with surgical examples. Feng Wei, director of the dermatology business of Xiqiao Plastic Surgery Hospital, published the "Preliminary Study on the Clinical Efficacy of Picosecond 1064nm Lattice Combined with Large Spots to Treat Chloasma" at the Injectable Plastics Summit. She shared the use of picosecond laser treatment for yellow for half a year. Spot exploration and experience. As the finale speech of the theme of injection and plastic surgery, Li Wei, a dermatologist at Xiqiao Plastic Surgery Hospital, published the application of hyaluronic acid combined with botulinum toxin type A in facial micro-shaping, sharing the application of hyaluronic acid and type A botulinum toxin. New possibilities have caused widespread concern.


It is reported that the conference ended successfully on August 7 and it has brought together more than 1,200 industry experts from Europe, the United States, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for laser beauty, micro plastic surgery and fat. Many academic seminars and exchanges in the field of medical beauty such as transplantation and scar plastic surgery have achieved many dazzling academic achievements. It is the largest annual meeting of the Medical Beauty Committee. In recent years, the highest standards and academic achievements in Chengdu have been most affected. A high-profile professional medical aesthetic summit. At the same time, it once again shows the world that Chengdu is the leading city guiding the development trend of Chinese medical beauty, and plays a leading role in the global medical beauty field.

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