Product Name: Ionic Facial Steamer

Product Name: Ionic Facial Steamer
Model Number: FF6302
Brand Name: Customized
Application Part: Face
Tank Capacity:100ML
Material: ABS 
Gift Box Size: 19.5*22.5*13.8cm
Certification: CE, RoHS
Warranty: 1 Year 
Master Carton Size: 72.5x40x53cm, 20pcs/carton
Carton N.W./G.W.: 17.5/18.5kgs 
Product Description

1) The Nano Facial Steamer selection on the newest sonic atomizer not only helps dry skin by adding moisture, also can reduces acne and blackheads, weakens pigmented spots, removes congestion in the sinuses.

2) Compared with normal face steamer spurting high temp steam directly to your face, professional steamer for face softly sprays steady, Full-Powered Steam only within 30 seconds.

3) Ionic facial steam help you gently melts hardened sebum, blackheads. Steaming after night cleaning help deep hydrate, skin recover and lotion absorption.

4) The facial steamer is made of eco-friendly ABS, non-toxic, and non-irritating material.

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